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Small business owners and slip-and-fall accident issues

Small business owners in Arizona may be held legally responsible if someone slips and falls on their business premises. While mid-size companies and larger corporations may be able to handle such issues without too much of an impact on their bottom line, litigation of this nature can quickly become costly for businesses with limited resources. For this reason, small business owners are routinely encouraged to take proactive steps to reduce their odds of having to deal with potentially costly lawsuits.

Shooting victim files suit

Many people in Arizona likely heard about the deadly shooting that happened at a Madden gaming tournament in Florida. The incident, which involved one gamer shooting others, resulted in the deaths of two people and multiple injuries to others. News sources report that one injured victim has filed a lawsuit against the venue and the publisher of Madden, Electronic Arts.

Daytona Beach roller coaster derails, injures nine

Arizona residents may know about the roller coaster accident in Daytona Beach, Florida. On the night of June 14, one of the roller coasters at Daytona Beach Boardwalk partially derailed, sending two riders into the air where they fell 34 feet to the ground and suffered traumatic injuries. Two other riders were left dangling in midair. Of the 10 riders involved, 9 were sent to the hospital with news of their current condition still forthcoming.

Understanding the attractive nuisance doctrine

According to the attractive nuisance doctrine, Arizona homeowners have a legal responsibility to take the steps necessary to protect children who may venture onto their property. Owners may be liable if there are items on the property that can entice children and harm them.

Safety advocates push for sprinklers after Honolulu fire

Arizona residents may have heard about the tragic apartment blaze that killed three people in Honolulu on July 14. The building where the fire occurred was built before the city mandated that sprinklers be installed in high-rises. As a result of the inferno, safety advocates are now pushing for older towers in Hawaii and across the U.S. to be retrofitted with sprinklers in order to prevent a similar tragedy from happening in the future.

Slip and fall accidents can lead to serious ankle injuries

Many people who have slip-and-fall accidents in Arizona suffer ankle injuries as a result. Whatever circumstances precipitate a slip-and-fall accident, a painful and long-lasting ankle injury is always a threat. Whether the accident occurred due to a loose brick in a parking lot or a spilled bottle of oil in the grocery store, it can cause several different types of ankle injuries can severely impact a person's life and health.

Liability concerns for amusement park rides

For Arizona residents who love going to neighborhood carnivals or major theme parks, liability insurance may not be something that they think about. Ride manufacturers and operators, on the other hand, must remain aware because when accidents do happen, they can result in serious injuries or even death.

Assuming risk in premises liability cases

People who are injured on the premises of an Arizona business should be aware that the owner is not always found liable in these types of cases. For example, at a concert in a New York club, a patron was injured while standing near the mosh pit where people were engaging in a type of dancing that is physical and sometimes violent. The patron argued that the venue was liable because he was not moshing at the time. However, he also admitted to having been in the mosh pit more than two dozen times at other concerts. Based on this, the court ruled that he knew the risks.

The dangers associated with skateboarding

Arizona residents who have family members or friends who skateboard may be aware just how hazardous the activity can be. In fact, many skateboarders enjoy the sense of danger they may feel after completing a difficult trick. Even though this is rewarding for the skateboarder, it can be a major liability for a property owner if an accident occurs.

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