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Crash numbers are up in states that legalized recreational pot

During the analysis of 2017 motor vehicle accident data, it was determined that crashes are on the rise in three western states neighboring Arizona that have legalized recreational marijuana. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that accidents were up 6 percent in some cases, and they adjusted the findings for other possible negative influences such as crash locations and inclement weather. Police records from accidents reported in those states confer a 5.2 percent upsurge in crashes on their states' roadways, but the good news is that fatalities are not higher in those states.

Distracted driving more common during the summer months

Distracted driving has been linked with a worrying rise in road deaths in recent years, and a study of more than 20,000 motorists in Arizona and around the country suggests that this dangerous behavior is especially common during the summer months. After analyzing information gathered by one of its smartphone applications, the technology company TrueMotion determined that drivers are distracted a worrying 25 percent of the time during June, July and August.

Common reasons for highway fatalities

Even safe drivers in Arizona can face hazards from road conditions, the weather and other drivers. Driver error and behavior contribute to many highway accidents and fatalities, and this includes drunk driving and distracted driving as well as failing to make use of vehicle safety features. But poor road design and natural occurrences like rain and snow also make road travel more dangerous and can cause fatalities.

NHTSA faces roadblocks with self-driving vehicle regulations

In early October, a bill was approved by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation that would speed up the manufacturing and use of self-driving vehicles. Under the bill, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would be given 10 years to develop safety regulations for such vehicles. Drivers in Arizona and across the U.S. should know, however, that there are some barriers that the agency has to overcome before it can begin.

Angry driving behavior

Arizona motorists may be some of the almost 80 percent of those who exhibit substantial anger, hostility or road rage while behind the wheel. This is according to the results of a study published in 2016 by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Defensive driving and distracted driving in Arizona

Due to the recent increase in traffic fatalities, many safety organizations are adding instructions for dealing with distracted motorists. Distracted drivers may be focusing on their cell phone, changing the radio station or doing any of a number of things other than paying attention to the road. In response to this increased threat, some experts say drivers should practice defensive driving.

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