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Is a recalled fire extinguisher putting your family at risk?

There are certain safety products that simply need to work. Failure is not an option when a product or device is a last line of defense against a fatal accident or serious injury. When safety products have serious issues, injury, disability and even death can result. The companies who made, sold and distributed these defective products may end up liable for those injuries and deaths in a court of law.

When household products pose a threat – Part 2

When you spend your hard-earned money on a car, phone or even a sandwich from the deli, you expect quality as well as safety. We trust product manufacturers and sellers to put items on their shelves that won't land us in the hospital. Unfortunately, mistakes happen. Perhaps food became contaminated during transport or the design for one tiny car part was faulty and caused a fire under the hood. Regardless of the cause of the malfunction, someone is accountable for the damages you or a loved one has suffered.

When household products pose a threat – Part 1

When you buy a product, whether it is a cellphone or a car, you expect it to work. Furthermore, you expect it to be safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. From phones catching fire to airbags exploding and dryers catching fire, there are times when products wind up in our homes that pose an unexpected threat to our families. Manufacturers have a duty to notify consumers when they realize they have unleased dangerous products that pose an unreasonable risk to the public. They usually do this through product recalls.

Understanding fiduciary duty, your pension and your investments

It's common knowledge for most people that putting your money to work making more money is smarter than just sitting on financial assets. After all, inflation will decrease the buying power of your savings over time. As prices and wages increase, the same amount of money buys less. Investing your retirement fund or pension can be a great way to offset the decrease in purchasing power over time.

What happens when a crash causes emotional trauma?

There are many different ways that a car accident can affect the people who are involved. Many people tend to think that the physical injuries are the worst parts of these accidents. While it is true that physical injuries are hard to deal with, the emotional impacts might be just as life-altering.

What happens when you lose your retirement fund?

When you invest money in a retirement plan, many times you do so through a private investing firm. Sometimes these are owned by big banks. Sometimes they're independent and owned by private individuals. In some cases, your employer may be the one choosing the investment company and even the individual investments for these funds. If your employer is investing your retirement funds or pension on your behalf, they owe you what is called a fiduciary duty to make wise investments and act in your best interest. Fiduciary essentially means someone trusted to work in your best interests.

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