Can a bad auto part cause a truck accident?

Many things can cause a truck accident, and with miles of interstate around us in Phoenix, truck accidents are always possible. Sometimes, a truck driver or consumer driver may make a mistake that causes an accident. Other times, the cargo in a truck's trailer may move around, and the truck driver may lose control. When these things happen, it is usually not too hard to figure out who caused the accident and who is responsible for the victim's losses.

However, some truck accident causes are not as easy to figure out. This is often true when an auto part goes bad while the truck is on the road, because many parts of the truck may receive damage during an accident. If you recently experienced a truck accident, you should begin building your own claim as soon as possible. Building a strong claim takes time and effort, and evidence that you need can disappear quickly.

Ask for electronic control module data

These days, commercial trucks all contain an electronic control module, or ECM. The ECM records information about different parts of the truck, the performance of the truck and the driving habits of the driver. If an auto part malfunctioned while out on the road, the ECM may have information recorded that can help you identify the problem.

Unfortunately, there's a catch. The owner of the truck owns the ECM and the data it records. Until they get a formal request for the ECM's data, they have the legal right to delete it. The longer that you wait after a truck accident to request the data, the more time the owner has to delete it, which makes it much harder to figure out why the accident happened and who holds responsibility for your losses.

Ask for records of maintenance

It is also possible for bad repairs or maintenance to cause a truck accident. When this happens, the company that made the repairs or performed the maintenance may be responsible for the accident.

If, for instance, a truck driver hits the brakes to make a sudden stop and the brakes do not work, it may be because the brakes were not maintained or because the brakes recently received a bad repair or poor maintenance.

Like all traffic accidents, the more information that you gather from the scene of the collision, the stronger you can build your claim. A strong legal strategy is an important part of your recovery, especially if the cause of the accident is not clear. With a strong strategy, you can protect your rights and pursue the full compensation you deserve without making sacrifices in the medical care that you receive.

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