Faulty brakes? Several people could be liable for your injuries

Imagine driving off from the mechanic thinking you did everything right. You got your brakes replaced, and you know that your vehicle is in the best condition for the drive ahead of you.

Now, imagine that you're driving and your brakes go out. You have space in front of you, but with no ability to slow down, the distance between you and others is closing fast. You don't have much room to maneuver, and as a result, you end up in a collision.

Who is at fault when your brakes go out?

While the initial scene might show the appearance that you weren't paying attention or that you didn't stop in time, that you were speeding or other factors that could have influenced the risk of a crash, the truth is that your brakes went out due to faulty repairs.

You just got your vehicle back from the mechanic, so it wouldn't make sense that you'd allowed your brakes to wear down or that you were being negligent. On top of that, turning on your hazard lights and honking to try to get others out of the way should have signaled to witnesses that something was wrong.

What should you do if your brakes go out and that fault results in a collision?

If you get into a crash because of your brakes going out and can show that you just had them repaired, those receipts are of vital importance to your case. You should keep a copy of your repair and maintenance records for yourself, your attorney and the court.

You should also do what you can to get witnesses to remain at the scene and give their statements to the police. You should be clear that you used your hazards and attempted to maneuver out of the way. Of course, despite your best efforts, that wasn't a possibility.

The mechanic who repaired your vehicle or the product used could be at fault. If the product was faulty, then the manufacturer of the brake pads or lines may be liable for the collision.

In this kind of situation, there can be many people to hold liable. It's a good idea to look into the evidence you have and discuss your options with your attorney. You're also a victim, and you should seek compensation for the faulty repairs that led to a serious accident at no fault of your own.

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