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Tips for handling emergencies on the road

Many things can happen when you are on the road. Being prepared in advance can make a big difference in how you handle unexpected troubles. Ultimately, the goal is to get to your destination safety. This is, obviously, never a guarantee. You have to rely on other drivers to help keep you safe as well as trust that no vehicles -- or roadway infrastructure -- have defects that lead to horrible accidents.

Distracted driving remains a safety concern

Driving is such an ingrained aspect of modern life in Arizona that it has become almost an automatic function. Many people become somewhat complacent in their driving habits. Not only are the best safety practices often ignored, but time has also become so precious that motorists often try to accomplish other tasks while they are behind the wheel. This, however, can present problems for the other motorists and passengers sharing the roadways.

The dangers of daydreaming while driving

Most drivers in Arizona have probably heard tales about the dangers of driving while using a mobile device. But there's another form of distracted driving that's not getting its fair share of attention -- daydreaming. It's fairly easy for a driver to lose their train of thought as their mind drifts. Unfortunately, all it takes is a brief moment of inattentiveness for a collision to occur.

Drowsy driving a serious issue in ridesharing industry

The ridesharing industry in Arizona, as elsewhere, comes with some inherent safety risks, according to a position statement from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Many ridesharing drivers, compelled by low fares and salary incentives, drive after extended periods of wakefulness and run the risk of becoming sleep-deprived. This means more cases of drowsy driving.

Study shows how short-term stress leads to surgical errors

Before undergoing surgery, Arizona residents should know about the widespread problem of stress among doctors. Researchers at the Data Science Institute at Columbia University found that short-term stress can raise the risk for surgical errors by as much as 66 percent.

Tips for drivers to help keep bicyclists safe

Like in many major cities, the traffic in Phoenix can be loud, fast and overwhelming. When you are focusing on driving alongside large trucks and semis, it can sometimes be difficult to notice when a cyclist is in your corner. Making one poor judgment call on the road can quickly lead to an unnecessary collision.

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