The defective gun that fires on its own

Always treat a gun as if it is loaded. That's common advice from hunters and collectors. Always assume a gun can fire at any time. Never point it at something you do not want to shoot.

That advice perhaps takes on a new importance if you have a rifle that, according to numerous complaints, can fire all on its own. That rifle is the Remington 700.

A popular hunting rifle

The risk here, if these accounts are accurate, is enormous. After all, the Remington 700 is an immensely popular hunting rifle, and it has been for years. The bolt-action gun is often used to hunt deer and other large game. Experts say there could be more than 7 million rifles in the United States that have this potentially deadly defect.

What happens?

The problem appears to be that the Remington 700, when loaded, can sometimes fire even if no one pulls the trigger. One man who claims that this happened to him when he was a boy, killing his brother, said that he heard the gun click right before it fired. However, he said he was just standing up while holding it, not touching the trigger or trying to shoot anyone.

His brother died. He wound up in jail. And he thinks the gun itself was to blame.

In another case, a man picked up his Remington 700 while in his home. Though he also claims he never pulled the trigger, the safety wasn't on at the time. In any case, as he picked it up, the gun fired. It blew out a window. The bullet flew across the road and hit two people standing in their yard. One died on the spot.

Multiple examples

Many times, people find it hard to believe that a gun could fire in this manner. They've never experienced it. In the first example, the young man's father actually did not believe it at first.

However, reports show that hundreds of people have not only experienced the same thing, but also complained about it to Remington. They said that the X-Mark Pro trigger mechanism is the problem.

These are not isolated cases. It's not one instance of someone perhaps accidentally pulling the trigger without realizing it. Hundreds of people have the same problem, and you do not hear about these same incidents with rifles made by other major companies.

Your rights

Have you gotten injured by a defective Remington 700, or have you tragically lost a loved one in an accident? If so, it is very important that you understand all of the legal rights that you have moving forward.

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