Study profiles those most inclined to distracted driving

The Society for Risk Analysis conducted a study that may help in the creation of more targeted distracted driving prevention programs. This is important for improving road safety in Arizona as well as in other states. One of the things that researchers did was uncover four profiles of drivers who are most inclined to distractions, especially calling and texting while behind the wheel.

The study found that women are more likely to drive distracted. The second profile was drivers who call and text frequently, followed by drivers with negative views of road safety and drivers with few inhibitions. Observational studies also find that 18 percent of drivers in high-income countries and 31 percent in low- and middle-income countries use their phones while on the road.

In analyzing drivers' behavior, researchers noted that many people would initiate phone use only when stopped at a light. Despite the fact that 68 percent of participants were unconvinced of the dangers of texting, most drivers would stop using their phones when in heavy traffic or in the presence of law enforcement. More experienced drivers were less likely to be distracted.

Talking on the phone doubles a driver's risk for an accident while texting increases it by six times. Drivers in the study engaged in calling more than texting, likely because the latter makes more visual demands.

If phone use contributes to a motor vehicle accident, the driver may be held liable for the other party's injuries, vehicle damage and other losses. In severe accidents, victims may even lose their jobs and their livelihood. Whatever the extent of the situation, victims may want to hire a lawyer for the claims filing process. A lawyer might utilize a network of professionals to prove how the defendant was at fault and negotiate for the settlement.

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