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Study profiles those most inclined to distracted driving

The Society for Risk Analysis conducted a study that may help in the creation of more targeted distracted driving prevention programs. This is important for improving road safety in Arizona as well as in other states. One of the things that researchers did was uncover four profiles of drivers who are most inclined to distractions, especially calling and texting while behind the wheel.

Car crash deaths exceed 40,000 for second year in a row

Arizona drivers may become more cautious than ever while on the road when they find out that in 2017, the number of car accident deaths surpassed 40,000 for the second year in a row. The National Safety Council released its preliminary 2017 estimate in February 2018 and found that there were 40,100 cases of fatal car crash injuries, compared to 40,327 in 2016. The last year with such a high number was 2007.

Accident injury claims more common for small cars

A new model passenger car might come equipped with as many as 10 airbags, and many of the vehicles on Arizona roadways today are much safer than their counterparts of years ago. Yet with more and more cars on the road, fatality rates have been creeping upward. Statistics released by the Highway Loss Data Institute indicate that some vehicles are simply better than others with regard to protecting their occupants.

Distracted driving more common during the summer months

Distracted driving has been linked with a worrying rise in road deaths in recent years, and a study of more than 20,000 motorists in Arizona and around the country suggests that this dangerous behavior is especially common during the summer months. After analyzing information gathered by one of its smartphone applications, the technology company TrueMotion determined that drivers are distracted a worrying 25 percent of the time during June, July and August.

Massive increase in pedestrian deaths blamed on distraction

Experts have labeled distracted driving, which typically means using a smartphone or vehicle infotainment system behind the wheel, as the source of a startling rise in traffic and pedestrian accidents. People in Arizona have likely witnessed people engaged in this behavior that takes their attention off the road. Traffic-related deaths have been risen 11 percent since 2009, but the toll on pedestrians has been far higher with a 46 percent increase in fatalities during the same period.

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