Common reasons for highway fatalities

Even safe drivers in Arizona can face hazards from road conditions, the weather and other drivers. Driver error and behavior contribute to many highway accidents and fatalities, and this includes drunk driving and distracted driving as well as failing to make use of vehicle safety features. But poor road design and natural occurrences like rain and snow also make road travel more dangerous and can cause fatalities.

Alcohol or drugs in the bloodstream can impair a person's ability to drive, which is why there are laws against drunk or drugged driving. Laws also prohibit certain types of distracted driving. The use of cell phones or other handheld devices is illegal in many states, but some types of distractions that aren't against the law are still potentially dangerous to do while driving. These include talking on a phone and using a car radio.

Bad weather is something no one can control, but drivers who do not take proper precautions during bad weather increase their risk of an accident. Sometimes road conditions are poor even in the best weather due to improper road design or unavoidable dangers like steep curves or blind intersections. These situations call for drivers to be extra cautious in order to minimize the risk of a crash.

When drivers fail to use built-in safety features in their cars they may increase the risk of serious injury or death. Wearing seat belts and enabling airbags cannot decrease crash risk, but can decrease the risk of fatality to drivers and passengers if there is a crash.

When someone is injured in a car accident that was caused by someone else, it makes no difference if the other driver broke the law or simply engaged in negligent but legal behavior; for example, changing stations on their car radio while driving in bad weather. If a driver was negligent and caused someone else to be hurt, the injured person might decide to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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