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November 2017 Archives

Tips for safer winter driving

Drivers in Arizona that experience severe winters will be glad to know that there are many ways to cut down on the risk for car crashes during this period. Sometimes snow isn't the worst factor. Ice can cause drivers to lose control as it makes braking and steering much more difficult. Black ice, which makes the road look wet, is especially deceptive.

Medication decreases crash risk for drivers with ADHD

Arizona drivers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have several ways of dealing with their symptoms while on the road. According to a recent study published in "JAMA Psychiatry," proper ADHD medication could be one of the most effective methods to curb crash risks.

Is a recalled fire extinguisher putting your family at risk?

There are certain safety products that simply need to work. Failure is not an option when a product or device is a last line of defense against a fatal accident or serious injury. When safety products have serious issues, injury, disability and even death can result. The companies who made, sold and distributed these defective products may end up liable for those injuries and deaths in a court of law.

NHTSA faces roadblocks with self-driving vehicle regulations

In early October, a bill was approved by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation that would speed up the manufacturing and use of self-driving vehicles. Under the bill, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would be given 10 years to develop safety regulations for such vehicles. Drivers in Arizona and across the U.S. should know, however, that there are some barriers that the agency has to overcome before it can begin.

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