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Smaller cars cause more injuries in crashes

In Arizona and other states, people who own smaller cars are more at risk of having serious injuries in an auto accident. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that crashes involving small lightweight vehicles have twice the fatalities of large heavyweight automobiles.

The front part of a vehicle sustains the most impact in a frontal collision. When a vehicle has a larger front end, the distance between passengers and a front impact increases. Therefore, cars with large front parts withstand more impact during a collision. Since smaller vehicles have shorter front ends, this results in the passengers receiving more of the force.

In addition, injuries occur less often in cars with more weight. For example, if a 5,000-pound SUV has a head-on collision with a 3,000-pound compact car, the passengers in the SUV will have a better chance to walk away with fewer injuries.

Car buyers should weigh the pros and cons of buying smaller and larger vehicles. Small cars are more affordable, use less gas and are easier to park. If buyers are looking for comfort and safety features, however, they should choose a larger vehicle. It should be noted that some small vehicles perform better than others in crash tests. Furthermore, a crash test may not show how well a vehicle may really hold up in a traffic accident.

A motorist involved in a motor vehicle accident may want to hire an attorney. The legal professional might be able to negotiate a fair settlement for injuries and expenses. By collecting evidence, the lawyer could represent the victim's best interests.

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