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Smaller cars cause more injuries in crashes

In Arizona and other states, people who own smaller cars are more at risk of having serious injuries in an auto accident. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that crashes involving small lightweight vehicles have twice the fatalities of large heavyweight automobiles.

Increased visibility reduces accident rates

Arizona residents who use their headlights while driving during the day may be at a lower risk of getting into an accident. This has been shown in research done in America, Canada and Europe. In Canada, there has been an 11 percent decrease in multi-car accidents when drivers used their headlights. In America, there was a 23 percent decrease in motorcycle accidents and a 10 percent reduction in accidents overall.

Fall season requires extra awareness for safe driving

From the deserts to the mountains in Arizona, autumn places new demands on drivers. The changing season alters driving conditions, and back-to-school activities increase traffic and the presence of pedestrians. Fall also entices tourists on to the highways to enjoy the scenery. To reduce the seasonal risks of accidents, conscientious drivers take care of simple vehicle maintenance tasks and exercise greater caution behind the wheel.

Understanding fiduciary duty, your pension and your investments

It's common knowledge for most people that putting your money to work making more money is smarter than just sitting on financial assets. After all, inflation will decrease the buying power of your savings over time. As prices and wages increase, the same amount of money buys less. Investing your retirement fund or pension can be a great way to offset the decrease in purchasing power over time.

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