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August 2017 Archives

Children's liquid medications recalled for possible contamination

Arizona parents who have given their child certain liquid vitamins or medications may be interested in information about a recall by the Food and Drug Administration. It was ordered on Aug. 10 due to possible contamination. The products involved in the recall are manufactured by PharmaTech and include dietary supplements and medications that are made for young children. The FDA alerted distributors of the products after a PharmaTech product was suspected of being contaminated with Burkholderia cepacia. The product was connected to reports of severe adverse events in patients who were diagnosed with the infection.

Power steering problem prompts recall of 2014 model GM trucks

A software problem in over 690,000 trucks has resulted in General Motors issuing a recall. Vehicles affected by the recall include the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra from the 2014 model year. Information published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explained that the software could spontaneously cease sending electrical power to the power steering for roughly one second.

Wrist-worn device could help drowsy drivers

Arizona motorists who are concerned about falling asleep at the wheel might be able to buy a device called the Steer to prevent this. With drowsy driving the cause of up to 6,000 fatalities each year, the device's creators hope the roads will be safer if more drivers use it. The founder of the company that developed the device says he only became aware of the dangers of driving while fatigued after a friend hit a tree and broke a collarbone after he fell asleep at the wheel.

Millions of defective air bag inflators still on the road

Arizona drivers may be owners of some of the 21 million vehicles that have Takata air bag inflators and that have been recalled. As of March 31, however, it was reported that 10 million of the devices that have a severe risk of rupturing and causing serious injuries are still in use. As such, it is not expected that the 10 automakers who installed these dangerous inflators will have the recalls completed by the Dec. 31 deadline originally imposed by the federal government.

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