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The dangers of driving on the Fourth of July

Arizona drivers were hopefully careful over the Fourth of July holiday. According to the insurance company Travelers, it is more dangerous in terms of motor vehicle accidents than Memorial Day or Labor Day. Furthermore, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that it is the deadliest day of the year on average. One of the reasons it is so dangerous is that it is one of the busiest days, and this means more drivers who are distracted, drowsy or under the influence.

Travelers has put together a list of recommendations to keep drivers safer before heading out on the Fourth of July or other holidays. The car should be serviced ahead of time. This should include checking the spare tire. However, people should also pack an emergency roadside kit. This should include jumper cables, a first aid kit, nonperishable food, water, blankets and more.

Previewing the route can avoid the distractions that could be created by relying on a GPS. Other distractions should be avoided as well. This includes using a cellphone, looking at maps and eating. Breaks can help prevent fatigue. Finally, people should avoid drinking and driving and should have a designated driver if necessary.

Motor vehicle accidents can lead to serious injuries. If another driver is responsible, that driver is supposed to report the accident to the insurance company, and the company is supposed to cover the injured person's costs. Unfortunately, this may not always happen. A driver might be underinsured or uninsured. An insurance company may not offer much in compensation or might try to say that another person or party was at fault. Therefore, an injured person might want to talk to an attorney to see what recourse might be available.

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