Can’t afford a lawyer after your car accident injury?

An unexpected car accident can happen to anybody, especially these days. Maybe another driver hit you and now you've got medical bills piling up — or maybe you've avoided getting the treatment you really need because you don't know how to pay for it.

Now that you're actually the one with the injury, nothing seems to be going your way. You've got medical bills and maybe you're missing work, too. On top of all that, your injury may not ever completely heal!

If you have any or all of these problems, you definitely could use the help of a lawyer to get you the money you deserve from the accident. Sadly, with the way that insurance companies work, this could take a long time, and they may try to tell you that your injury isn't that big of a deal. Insurance companies often look for any reason they can to not cough up all the money an injured person deserves after an accident.

Right about now, you're probably looking for some good news, right? Well, there is good news. If you work with a lawyer who uses contingency pricing to take on cases, you can get the help you need without spending a penny of your own money.

How does contingency pricing work?

When a lawyer works with a client on a contingency basis, the client does not pay any money out of their own pocket. Instead, they agree to give the lawyer a portion of the award they may win from their lawsuit.

This way, the client and the lawyer each make sacrifices so they can both win. The lawyer agrees to fully represent the client without getting paid first, and the client agrees to give up some of his or her monetary award if the claim succeeds, and then the client gets the help he or she needs without ever paying money out of their own pocket.

The amount of the award a lawyer may ask for varies, often ranging from 20-40 percent of a potential award. However, it is also worth noting that victims who choose to work with lawyers regularly receive significantly larger awards than those who do not, so the sacrifice often pays for itself.

Do you really need an attorney after a car accident?

After a car accident injures you, you might get a lot of different advice, and that can get very confusing. Do you need a lawyer after you get injured in a car accident? No, technically you don't have to get one — no one will show up and drag you to jail, if that's what worries you.

However, there are so many benefits you might not get if you don't get a lawyer that it doesn't make a lot of sense to face the situation without one.

Lawyers not only fight to make sure that you get all the monetary compensation you deserve, they also work with doctors and medical care providers to ensure that you can get the care you need without waiting on an insurance company.

If you cannot afford a lawyer to represent you in your personal injury case, making a contingency agreement with one is often a great deal that keeps you protected and helps you focus on recovering from your injury.

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