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Vehicles scored by driver safety

Arizona residents might like to know which vehicles fared best when it comes to protecting drivers. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released a report on May 25 regarding the amount of fatalities for different vehicles. On average, SUVs and pickup trucks did better than other vehicles.

Automakers agree to settle lawsuit

Arizona residents may have heard that Toyota and three other car companies have reached a proposed settlement involving millions of owners impacted by the Takata airbag recall. Documents were filed in a Miami federal court that indicate the settlement will be worth $553 million. The money would be used to compensate owners of the recalled vehicles as well as increase efforts to repair those vehicles.

The added safety of underride guards

Arizona motorists may be interested to know that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted testing showing that underride guards attached to the sides of a trailer can provide safety benefits similar to what rear-mounted guards can provide. While there are various pieces of legislation at different stages of the federal regulatory process that will require installing rear-mounted underride guards on straight truck configurations, the IIHS asserts that the study's results indicate there should be requirements for side-mounted underride guards as well.

Multiple parties could be liable for robot-caused injuries

Robotic machines play an increasing role in many Arizona workplaces. When robots malfunction, injuries can result, and the people harmed by the machines might have a personal injury or products liability claim that involves multiple parties, including the manufacturer of the robot, the programmer, operators or maintenance technicians.

What happens when a crash causes emotional trauma?

There are many different ways that a car accident can affect the people who are involved. Many people tend to think that the physical injuries are the worst parts of these accidents. While it is true that physical injuries are hard to deal with, the emotional impacts might be just as life-altering.

Supreme Court opens door for new wave of GM lawsuits

Arizona residents may be aware that General Motors has been ordered to pay criminal fines and civil damages of about $2 billion due to a defective ignition switch that has been connected with more than 100 deaths. GM continues to face litigation over the defective switches, and the U.S. Supreme Court opened the door to a new wave of lawsuits on April 24. The Detroit-based car maker had hoped to appeal a New York federal court's decision to allow the lawsuits to move forward, but the nation's highest court has declined to review that ruling.

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