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Defensive driving and distracted driving in Arizona

Due to the recent increase in traffic fatalities, many safety organizations are adding instructions for dealing with distracted motorists. Distracted drivers may be focusing on their cell phone, changing the radio station or doing any of a number of things other than paying attention to the road. In response to this increased threat, some experts say drivers should practice defensive driving.

A paper was recently published, "SPIDER: A Framework for Understanding Driver Distraction," which outlines how people can drive defensively with distracted drivers on the road. SPIDER is an acronym that reminds people to scan for threats, predict where threats will be, identify threats, decide whether to act and execute appropriate responses.

People are also urged to rethink the way that they drive and how they respond to the actions of both motorists and pedestrians. While drivers shouldn't assume that another automobile will stop when a light turns red, they also shouldn't expect pedestrians to look both ways when crossing the road if they have a cell phone out.

If someone has been involved in a crash, they will probably receive compensation for expenses related to the accident from an insurance company. Insurance companies frequently attempt to settle for the lowest amount possible even if it may not completely pay for all of a victim's accident-related costs. A personal injury attorney may be able to assist someone who has been in an accident by helping them make sure that the settlement offered by an insurance company will cover all of their accident-related expenses. Compensation could cover everything from lost wages to pain and suffering.

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