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Hoverboards recalled for overheating risks

Arizona residents should be aware that several different types of a self-balancing scooter from Vecaro have been recalled. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that the brands that are affected include the Trek 10, Drift 8 and Glide 64 after there were reports of the scooters starting to smoke.

Road check inspection blitz planned for June

Commercial truck drivers in Arizona might find their vehicles more likely to be inspected on June 6-8. Over this 72-hour period, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will hold its International Roadcheck inspection blitz. The inspections will largely be North American Standard Level I. These are the most thorough kind, and cargo inspection is a part of them, but the CVSA is also making cargo securement a particular focus this year. The focus may bring the importance of cargo securement to the attention of drivers.

Commuters should understand the 3 types of distracted driving

Do you live in or around the Phoenix area? Do you commute to and from work on a daily basis? If so, you know that sharing the road with many other vehicles is a way of life. From cars to trucks to motorcycles, you always need to know what is going on around you.

The dangers associated with skateboarding

Arizona residents who have family members or friends who skateboard may be aware just how hazardous the activity can be. In fact, many skateboarders enjoy the sense of danger they may feel after completing a difficult trick. Even though this is rewarding for the skateboarder, it can be a major liability for a property owner if an accident occurs.

Autonomous cars and changes in the insurance industry

Arizona drivers may be safer in autonomous vehicles, but once self-driving cars are widely they will likely cause major changes in the car insurance industry. The chief one will be who is held liable for an accident. When accidents happen with people behind the wheel, they usually result from human error. Usually, one driver or the other is responsible for the crash, or the two share liability. When autonomous vehicles get into accidents, that liability may shift to the manufacturers, software developers and subcontractors that created the technology.

Winning a car defect case

In a typical car accident injury case, an individual would need to show negligence on behalf of another party. However, car defect cases in Arizona and elsewhere in the country are tried under strict liability laws. There are three conditions that must be met to win a case against a liable manufacturer under such laws. First, the car must have had an unreasonably dangerous defect that led to an injury.

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