Report paints scary picture of Arizona's road safety

Most of us use the roadways every day in order to get to and from where we need to go. The everyday need to drive is a reality. The common aspect of having to utilize Arizona's roads, however, doesn't negate the fact that driving here is dangerous.

A recent national report about all of the states' traffic laws provides some troubling news about Arizona. According to the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, our beautiful state ranks as one of the most high-danger states in terms of traffic safety. 

As soon as we all learn to drive, we are warned about the possible driving dangers to look out for and avoid. This recent road safety report suggests that Arizona's traffic laws should be changed in order to more effectively help prevent car accidents in the state.

What, according to the study, makes Arizona's roads less safe than they should be? The following are just a couple of the laws that the safety group encourages the state to modify:

Seat belt laws: The group urges states to adopt the primary enforcement of front and back rider seat belt laws. This means that it is a violation for anyone to not buckle up. No other offense must be suspected for law enforcement to stop the car and cite its driver. The lack of buckling up is a serious enough offense alone to warrant a ticket.

Texting and driving: Arizona has no state-wide texting while driving ban. This puts the state in the minority of the country in terms of this safety precaution. Certain cities have their own texting laws. Phoenix, for example, does prohibit texting while driving and assigns a fine to anyone who is caught violating that law.

The matter of seat belt laws is one of passenger and driver safety. Without stricter seat belt laws, the chance of someone getting injured or killed by a careless driver is greater. The fault of an accident would still rest with a reckless driver, but at least enforcing seat belt use could help mitigate the severity of injuries among crash victims in Arizona.

Stricter, consistent anti-texting laws could improve drivers' focus and reduce the rate of distracted driving accidents. One lawmaker believes that a state-wide law will be passed in Arizona soon.

Until then, there is at least that one -- but also more -- traffic safety improvements to be made in the state. If you have already become a victim of the dangers on Phoenix roadways, talk to a car accident lawyer who will fight to protect your best interests and help get the compensation you deserve.


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