Why Choose Tim?

Since 1991, Timothy J. Casey has handled personal injury and civil litigation in Phoenix, Arizona. In that time, Tim earned a reputation as a trial lawyer and dedicated advocate for my clients. He has obtained millions of dollars in for his clients. More importantly, Tim has earned the trust of his clients by providing to them the personal attention that they deserve.

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Tim's practice is based on five principles:

  1. Accessibility. A lot of attorneys will tell you they are accessible to their clients. But Tim will give you his personal cell phone number, which you can use to reach him anytime - including evenings and weekends. If you cannot meet in person at our midtown Phoenix office, our team is happy to visit you at your home, office, or even the hospital.
  2. Trial experience. Tim has brought a wide range of complex cases to trial. Defense attorneys know that when Tim takes a case, he always prepares to bring the claim to court. This makes defendants more willing to negotiate a fair out-of-court settlement in the event that they do not wish to have a jury decide damages.
  3. Affordability. Tim represents personal injury and business litigation clients on a contingency basis, so he and his team receives no money until you win. He does not request a retainer or charge you by the hour. You pay nothing up front.
  4. Objective advice. While Tim will work with you to pursue your case aggressively, he will never mislead you or sugar-coat difficult facts. He believes that it is your right to fully understand your case from all angles and he is committed to being candid with all his clients. When you ask Tim a question, you will get an honest and factual answer.
  5. Arizonan through and through. Tim is an Arizona native and a graduate of Arizona State University. He knows our state and its people.

To learn more about how Tim can help you, schedule a free consultation by calling the midtown Phoenix office at 602-842-6210 or emailing us.