Whistleblower Protections For Injured Workers

Unfortunately, doing the right thing at work, such as reporting illegal activity at your workplace, can get you demoted or fired — or worse. As an employee, state and federal whistleblower laws exist to shield you from these forms of retaliation. But whether you are looking to get financial restitution or to get your job back, you need legal representation that is experienced in this area of the law.

Phoenix attorney Tim Casey has protected workers injured by retaliation since 1991. He is a seasoned litigator and tough negotiators who will fight to set things right for you.

When Your Employer Punishes You For Reporting The Truth...

As an employee, you may witness things government regulators and law enforcement agencies cannot see; things like tax fraud, environmental law violations, employment discrimination and sexual harassment. After courageously reporting this misconduct, you could find yourself victimized by management. Your employer might decide to get "revenge" against you instead of trying to clean up its act. Management could demote you or fire you on some pretext, or deny you a raise or promotion that you have earned. Or they might simply make your workplace intolerable through changes to your job duties, work station and other factors.

...Timothy J. Casey Is Here To Help

Fortunately, you do not have to accept this abuse and damage to your career. Tim Casey is well-versed in whistleblower law and has had significant success representing both public and private sector employees in Arizona. He will make sure you obtain fair compensation for any lost wages you have sustained due to retaliation, as well as other damages. In many cases, his clients want to be reinstated into their old jobs. He does everything possible to make that happen. You may also be entitled to collect attorney's fees.

You Did The Right Thing. Tim Will Too.

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