Justice After Police Misconduct In Phoenix

People depend on police officers and sheriff's deputies to enforce the law in Arizona. But police must also follow the law themselves. When the police violate somebody's civil rights, use excessive force or negligently hurt a member of the public, there has to be consequences for the criminal justice system to function.

Phoenix Police Brutality Attorneys

The law firm of Timothy J. Casey, located in Phoenix, represents victims of police misconduct. Since 1991, he has held officers and police departments accountable when they abuse their power and try to cover up their misdeeds. Tim has represented clients in numerous high-profile police brutality cases. Here are a few examples of incidents for which his clients were successfully compensated:

  • A teenage boy shot and killed by police without justification
  • Assault of a restaurant patron
  • Police vehicle responding to a call caused a serious car accident

On Your Side, Pursuing Justice Against The Police

As recent events nationwide have shown, police misconduct cases tend to receive a lot of media attention. Emotions can run high. If you or a family member has been victimized by police brutality, Tim will treat you with the dignity you deserve. Because Mr. Casey has previously represented police officers, he knows how law enforcement operates after an excessive force incident. He will meet the challenges of gathering evidence and building the strongest possible case for court.

His willingness to take every case to jury verdict gives us leverage in settlement negotiations. If the city does not make a fair offer, he will use the courthouse to seek justice. He is a forceful litigator who has won hundreds of verdicts in more than 25 years of practice.

Besides compensating you for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages, litigation can shine a light on police misconduct and corruption, and lead to changes to how the department operates.

You Deserve Justice. Tim Casey Can Help.

If you or a loved one has experienced police misconduct, call Timothy J. Casey in downtown Phoenix at 602-842-6210 or email his firm to schedule a free legal consultation. He will answer your questions honestly and fully. He works on contingency, so you owe us nothing in fees unless he is successful.